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Support Unit

The Ross Hill Support Unit is a fun and exciting Special Education setting catering for students with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities as well as Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Teachers and School Learning Support Officers (formerly known as Teacher's Aides) ensure that appropriate strategies are being used in the classroom to assist learning styles and provide success to all students.

Mrs Debbie Johns is the Assistant Principal of Special Education and the teacher of K-6J.  Mrs Johns is assisted by Ms Wendy Kennett.  Mrs Ann Grace is the teacher of K-6G and Ms Jade Tolllis assists her each day.

The 'You Can Do It!' Program is promoted in each class and incorporates the five senses using sensory boxes for optimum success.  Personalised Learning and Support Plans are developed in partnership with each student's parents and specify their child's academic, personal, and social and emotional goals and the method to be used to obtain these goals.

Each fortnight a new theme and/or big book is introduced with all Key Learning Areas based around the theme.

Students in the Support Unit enjoy a range of activities within the school week during our Community Access and Living Skills programs. These include cooking, sensory play, personal care, drama, community sport programs and swimming.

Daily use of technology is important with students interacting and participating in activities on the Smart board, iPads and class computers.

Some of our students integrate into mainstream classes for afternoon activities, sport and grade excursions. This allows students to socialise with their peers and build positive relationships with others in the school.

We provide opportunities for every student in the school to visit the Support Unit with their class during our reverse integration program. This is a fun and enjoyable time for all.

The Ross Hill Support Unit is a happy and settled place where students thrive on participating in practical hands-on activities in a safe, welcoming and friendly environment.